Our parent friendly ‘quirky stays’ holiday collection showcases a handful of child and family friendly holidays which we think are totally unique compared with the standard cottages, hotels and lodges we usually feature.  Think windmills, lighthouses, boats, buses and all manner of other unusual holiday homes, which we think kids and grown-ups alike will love!

Because these holidays are so unusual, they don’t necessarily come with all the trappings of the other holidays on Parent Friendly Stays – swimming pools, play areas, hot tubs and so on (though some still do).  What we do think, though, is that they offer a superb and utterly memorable destination for you and your family; and for that reason alone we think they’re well worth inclusion as a parent friendly holiday destination.

Converted former fire truck, Lake District

This Lake District holiday offers unique child friendly holiday accommodation in a former fire truck complete with fire engine beds, fireman’s pole and kids dressing up equipment. There’s also an outdoor play area, and a sauna for mum and dad to enjoy.

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