Hi everyone,

Here at Parent Friendly Stays we want to be entirely open and transparent about the content of our website, and how we make a modest income from maintaining PFS as a helpful online resource.

We mention all this clearly on our about us page too, but here’s a bit more detail for those of you who are really keen!

Content disclaimer

Our website is intended to provide parents like us with inspirational ideas for family holidays across the UK.  In most cases we haven’t visited the holidays ourselves, so our listings on Parent Friendly Stays are based on our own opinions based on the research we’ve done – exactly the kind of online research we and other parents do every time we’re trying to find a suitable family holiday destination.

The information provided on Parent Friendly Stays was accurate at the time of writing to the best of our knowledge, and we always try to make sure that our listings are up to date with the latest information.  But it’s very possible that omissions, errors or mistakes might slip in, and relying on the information provided is at your own risk.

We’re not an agency for the holidays we feature, more a third party directory of holiday ideas, and all bookings are managed with the respective owners not through PFS – so if you have any issues either during or after your holiday, please contact whoever you booked with.

Affiliate disclosure

Parent Friendly Stays participates in a number of affiliate schemes.  This means that, in some cases, if you follow the links from our website and ultimately book a holiday, we might earn a small commission on your purchase.  You will never be charged a fee, or pay more than you would have done if you’d visited the holiday directly, for using one of our affiliate links.  Using our affiliate links means we get a small financial return for running PFS, which in turns gives us the time and space to keep building the site as a valuable resource.

Our editorial content is not determined or influenced by the companies for whom we act as an affiliate; we review holidays honestly and openly as if we were planning to visit them with our own kids, and give a genuine appraisal of why we think they look suitable for families.

We participate in a variety of affiliate schemes with different travel companies, so it’s easiest to assume if you follow a link from PFS to an external holiday company, this may well be an affiliate link.

Holidays on PFS who are not members of an affiliate scheme are generally listed here because they pay a small fee to advertise with us.  Again, this doesn’t affect the price you pay or the content of our adverts; we continue to only list the very best holidays we find.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The PFS team