14 February 2015

Family holidays are a great time to have some dedicated family bonding between mum, dad and the kids. Away from the stresses of daily life, routine and work it’s an opportunity to make memories for everyone involved.

However, the planning which goes into family holidays can be an additional stress in itself: trying to coordinate several different people’s needs, timetables and likes can be difficult. But with a little advanced planning and preparation, it’s possible to organise a family friendly holiday with minimal stress or worry.

stress free family holidays

1. Try to choose a location that has something for everyone

A remote cabin in the woods might stir the nature lover in you and conjure images of relaxing walks, peaceful quiet and getting close to nature, but it will be nothing but stressful if everyone else (probably the younger travellers..) gets bored! Try to pick a destination that has plenty for everyone to do to ensure the whole family stays happy. For example, you can do worse than a family friendly holiday with a swimming pool, indoor games room or play area.

2. Do your research and be prepared

Nobody wants to go on holiday to stick to a strict regime but it can be helpful to have to hand some ideas for things to do. Research places of interest and activities that will appease everyone and find restaurants to keep fussy eaters happy before you arrive. At Parent Friendly Stays we’re a big fan of family friendly holidays with a beach nearby or, even better, with fun activities on site.

3. Write packing lists for everybody

Sit down and spend half an hour writing a packing list for everyone to ensure nothing is forgotten. Leave it out and add to it as you remember things, it’ll take the stress out of packing and avoid forgotten necessities! Here’s our guide to essential items not to forget when you’re travelling with a baby.

4. Consider finding a holiday with childcare facilities and make time for yourself

It’s worth seeing if your hotel or holiday cottage has childcare facilities where the kids can be dropped off for a few hours. It’ll be a great adventure for them and give mum and dad the rare opportunity to prioritise yourselves for once and do exactly what you’d like for a couple of hours. This is, in some ways, perhaps the most important tip as it’s easy to forget that it is your holiday as well and you should plan in time to enjoy it. At Parent Friendly Stays we’ve a great selection of child friendly holidays with a crèche/kids club or babysitting facility. And if you do find somewhere where mum and dad can relax for a while, what could be better than a luxury spa?

5. Keep it simple

There are no hard and fast rules about how to plan a holiday. Complicated itineraries and travel times might seem like a good idea but in reality they can be harder work than they’re worth. A simple weekend away to a nearby town or city or to a family friendly holiday park or resort can make for a fantastic and enjoyable few days away and provide a fun, laughter filled holiday with memories worth cherishing.

Find a relaxing family friendly holiday with ease using our comprehensive search page or use our all-in-one map to browse by location.

Until next time,

The Parent Friendly Stays team