27 January 2015

Travelling on holiday with your young child can be a wonderful experience, a chance to make memories, see the world through young eyes and introduce your baby to the wonders of the world beyond their daily routine. Holidays can be exciting and nostalgic and a great way to bond, as well as being a rare opportunity for mum and dad to relax a little too.

However, the practicalities of travelling with a young child – especially for the first time – can be a little scary and daunting. The key to keeping your holiday as stress free as possible is in preparation: planning is key.

things to remember when travelling with a baby

Make a list of everything you will need and make sure it is all packed in a way that is quick and easy to unpack to avoid having to do extensive reorganisation with a cranky, overly-tired little one. With good planning and preparation you will limit the stress and have a great holiday.

Here are a few essentials to remember to bring with you when travelling on holiday with a baby:

Night light or music player

If you use a night light or something to play music to your child to get them to sleep, make sure you bring it along. It will help to sooth your baby to sleep when they are in an unfamiliar place. The same applies to dummies if you use them!

Favourite snacks

Even if they are usually naughty or forbidden it is worth considering bringing some favourite snacks to appease an unhappy baby during long journeys. It can be disconcerting and uncomfortable for small babies to travel long distances and stay somewhere new so a little bit of indulgence is surely deserved!

Comfort toys

One of the most important things to remember in order to get a good nights sleep! Whatever stuffed animal, old sock or comfort blanket your child uses to get to sleep do not forget it! Ensuring they have some consistency is key to soothing them to sleep in a new environment. Sticking to the same routine, using a travel cot they are used to and giving them the same comfort toys will all go along way to getting a good nights sleep for all.

Smart phone or tablet

Not necessarily practical for very young babies in public spaces but when for long journeys and when you have a bit of privacy, a great way to get some quiet time (especially on long car journeys) is to download some of your baby’s favourite TV programmes to keep them happy.

Of course there is much more to remember, but making sure to bring these little comforts will certainly help your baby to adjust to new surroundings.

Happy travels!

The Parent Friendly Stays team