#parentpanel rules

How does it work?

Our standard holiday listings give our visitors the Parent Friendly Stays viewpoint. But with our #parentpanel we want to know what our parent bloggers – who come from a range of backgrounds and have varied family needs – think. What do they make of the accommodation and facilities? What would their children enjoy the most? And just as importantly, what would mum and dad be looking forward to?

Our #parentpanel bloggers are encouraged to what they do best by giving us their honest, unique take on the chosen venue and why they’d like to visit with their family.

daisy small 1Then comes the good bit: the Parent Friendly Stays team and the holiday owner will put our heads together to review your posts and pick one lucky #parentpanel member to be invited to come and enjoy the holiday in person! Along with their family, of course. It’ll be entirely free of charge.

Naturally, we’d love to hear from our winning blogger again after their holiday in a blog post about how the trip went.

What do we expect from members of the #parentpanel?

In a nutshell we expect our bloggers to:

  • occasionally blog about the holidays we feature in the #parentpanel. It’ll only be a few times each year and we’ll give you 3-4 weeks to get your posts ready each time. Blog entries should be unique and based on the general theme we’ve requested, but we’ll never tell exactly you what to write – that’s up to you! Each entry should include at least one ‘dofollow’ link back to the Parent Friendly Stays website and that of the holiday in question.
  • promote your #parentpanel blog entries – and more generally engage with our holiday venues – on Twitter, Facebook and so on (the more engagement we can generate, the better prizes we’ll be able to negotiate in future!). Please use the #parentpanel hashtag and include our Twitter handle (@pfstweets) wherever possible.
  • and for the lucky winning blogger, we’ll expect another blog post when you return from your holiday telling us all about your experience!

Please note that we ask all our #parentpanel bloggers to enter each competition, even in the unlikely event the specific prize doesn’t appeal; the process only works if all our bloggers participate each round to ensure we offer our holiday owners the publicity we promised them.

And what do the #parentpanel get in return?

For each #parentpanel round we’ll negotiate with the holiday owner to obtain a great prize for the winning blogger. It’ll be a child and parent friendly place – obviously! – and we’ll make sure there are tempting extras thrown in wherever possible. You’ll know in advance what you’re competing for.

Prizes will generally be offered outside of the main school holidays but we always push for weekend breaks where possible to make it easier for all our bloggers to visit, whatever age your children are. Any additional costs incurred in your visit – travel, food etc – are not included. Winners are chosen by the holiday owner and the decision is final.

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